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We guarantee afterwards, your pup will be either be ecstatic with zoomies or relaxing in his/her favorite spot!

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My name is Jade Hillary. I am true native of the DMV. During my childhood my family moved around for a few years, but during my formative and adult years I have been a DMV resident. As a child, I naturally gravitated to animals both wild and domestic. Now, I truly appreciate the responsibilities of pet ownership.

I believe it is my calling to care for and groom dogs because of the sheer enjoyment I experience when I see the finished results!

1st Class Mobile Grooming

About Me

I made it my goal to enter into the corporate grooming world to become part of the grooming community.

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I wanted to contribute to the overall health and well-being of our beloved companions. Since then, I got certified at a local grooming academy. As my experience in this industry has grown in leaps and bounds and realize how much the well-being of dogs is being undermined and not taken seriously in the retail brick and mortar establishments. My passion is to keep all dogs healthy and looking their best above all I value safety and comfortability.


Working as a groomer in a retail establishment I was able to build relationships with my dogs and their owners. However, my true dream has been to groom on the go and building client relationships. In a retail establishment many of my dogs would have been caged for hours waiting on their turn to be serviced. Working in a retail environment this was out of my control and most of all above my authority as an employee. In the pet grooming environment value is measured by quality not quantity.


Outside of work, I am the same loving and caring person that devoted to working for the well-being of dogs. The most important quality of being a groomer is to be social and a care giver.  With all that I learned in this industry, being a social person is a must. Being able to respectfully interact with others is a must when providing great customer service.   My compassion and in depth grooming knowledge and experience allows me the opportunity to provide 1ST Class service from the consultation to grooming your dog. My belief is that the relationship between the groomer should be sacred, genuine and trusting.  Once your fur baby gains the groomer’s trust the relationship is built.  This relationship allows the grooming process to flow smoothly and the friendship is established.

What to expect when booking an appointment with Ruff Palace?

  • First time clients are welcome to take a tour of our mobile grooming van. If you would like to request a tour of the van, please provide advance notice so we can plan accordingly. All clients will be required to complete a new client questionnaire so we can evaluate how to best service your pet. A one-hour arrival window will be given to you based on your scheduled appointment. You will receive a reminder text/email/call a few days before your appointment, requesting you confirm your scheduled appointment.
  • You will also receive a text message letting you know we are on the way. If you prefer a phone call please let us know. A consultation is required for all first time appointment no exceptions. The one time consultation will cover your grooming expectations from nose to tail and any additional questions or concerns your might have. After you are satisfied that we will meet and exceed your expectations, we will escort your pet to the Palace. We use a secure slip lead to ensure your pet’s safety outside of your home or our van. We will return your fur baby fresh, clean, and feeling great!
    • No sitting in traffic.
    • Keep your gas in the tank no need to drop off or pick up.
    • You give us the destination and we will be there.
    • Your fur baby can be groomed within 90 minutes or less! Pets that experience separation anxiety, behavior issues may take a little longer. Our palace should make them feel warm and welcome.
    • We are very flexible and understand life can be very busy and hectic and sometimes unpredictable so we do offer late/after hour appointments.
  • A convenience fee will be automatically applied for after-hours appointments all other fees remain the same.
    • We are aware most fur babies experience moderate to extreme car sickness our mobile grooming van will eliminate the need to travel for both you and your fur baby.
    • We do not administer any calming medications to your fur baby.
    • Safety and care is our number one priority. If your fur baby begins to experience stress before or during grooming we will take small breaks as needed. No stress, more time for love breaks and play time.
    • We have experience with all ages and breeds.
  • If your fur baby has extensive medical and or behavior issues that will make the grooming process unsafe we will immediately stop service.
    • Your fur baby will be serviced by the same groomer during their appointment.
    • No cages or exposure toother animals! We provide a quiet and calm environment for your fur baby’s spa day completely stress free. If you have more than one from the same household they can be serviced at the same time.
  • We guarantee afterwards, your fur baby will be relaxing in their favorite spot!