Service Agreement

We guarantee afterwards, your pup will be either be ecstatic with zoomies or relaxing in his/her favorite spot!

Booking Request


Scheduling, Pricing, Payments

  • Clients are required to maintain a schedule of 8 weeks or less to remain on the pre-booked schedule.
  • Appointments are an estimated arrival window. We do not guarantee specific appointment times and we may arrive anytime within the appointment window. If we need to move your appointment to a time outside the given window, you will receive a notification.
  • Pricing or consultation given by phone, email or text is estimated. Pricing may vary by appointment based on your pet’s coat condition, temperament, or any additional attention required to groom your fur baby.
  • Payments are expected to be made after the grooming process is complete and we have both fully looked over your fur baby together.


  • *Please move vehicles prior to the arrival of our mobile van or provide a designated area for parking. When possible we prefer to park on the street but require a flat surface with enough clearance for a large cargo van. We will not move our vehicle once we have started the grooming session.

Walks/Potty Breaks

  • *We do not walk the dogs before/after their groom. Please be sure your pet has gone to the bathroom at least 20-30 minute before they arrive. We do give key clients a brief potty break after their groom if needed.

Vaccinations, Health, Sanitation

  • By agreeing to our policies you are agreeing to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date per local and federal laws and can provide hard copy or digital proof of vaccination if requested. This is for the safety of your pet.
  • *We sanitize thoroughly but cannot be liable for any infections conditions such as kennel cough, canine influenza, Parvo etc.
  • *Dogs with known infectious conditions will not be accepted, if there is a contamination we will inform all parties that could be at risk.